For loyal Twitter users, you must be familiar

For loyal Twitter users, you must be familiar with the various features on Twitter. You need to know that Twitter is always evolving from time to time. This is done so that Twitter users feel the ease and comfort of each feature that is presented. One of the features on twitter is a feature where we can save photos on twitter. Of course, with a very high resolution, it is different from when we save photos on Facebook. let’s take a good look at How to Save Photos from Twitter to Gallery. guaranteed to understand right away!!

The saved photos feature on

Twitter is very easy and fast, with just two taps, the photos you want to download go directly to your cellphone gallery. But for users who are new to surfing on twitter, there are still many who don’t know that on twitter we can save photos practically, without having to take screenshots.

This feature is certainly very easy if you want to buy something on twitter. Then you can save the image to the gallery, then show it to the seller to DM.

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Here’s how to save photos from twitter to VP Design Officers Email Lists gallery. Guaranteed very easy for you to follow!!!

How to Save Photos from Twitter to Gallery


VP Design Officers Email Lists


For those of you who want to try to follow these tips, you must first update the Twitter application to the latest version. This is done in order to maximize your use of twitter, avoiding bugs and errors that occur.

The first thing you have to do is determine which image or photo you will save to the gallery. You are free to choose which image you want to download, but with a note that you must not admit that the photo or image is the result of you taking the picture or that you made it.
Second, after you determine which image you will download, the next thing is to click on the image until it looks like this.
After that, please click the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the Twitter section. when you click on the 3 dots it will say save. and you can click on it. and automatically the photo is already available in your cellphone gallery..”
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