What Is the Perfect Marketing Strategy for Your Business?

Today I want to talk about mowing your lawn. Now, if you don’t own a house, you probably don’t mow your lawn. I actually own a home and I don’t mow my lawn. I pay someone to come and do it for me. What often happens when Canada Phone Number List people mow their own lawn with their own lawn mower is that they get out, start the lawn mower, start mowing the lawn, then 15 to 20 minutes later, suddenly , the lawn mower stops. Why does it stop? Well, it’s simple…he ran out of gas. So you have to go get the gas canister and fill it up again. One of the problems with most lawn mowers is that they don’t have a fuel gauge. Now imagine you are driving your car and going on a long trip.

There Are Actually Smart Cars That Will Tell You

There are actually smart cars that will tell you, ‘Hey, you have X miles left and you need to get to a gas station.’ Some cars especially old, they don’t have this digital gauge or it stops working completely. So what should they do? They have to drive a little and refuel, and drive a little more and refuel. This not’ Measure results But unfortunately, that’s how many people run Canada Phone Number List their online business. Business can be quite simple and straightforward. Here’s the bottom line: you have income, you have expenses. What remains is profit. If you spend more money than you earn, you lose money. This not’ Measure results But unfortunately, that’s how many people run their online business.


If You Have More Money at the End of the Day

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If you have more money at the end of the day, you win money. That’s the point of business, to make a profit, isn’t it? You have to pay yourself, pay your bills and manage your cash flow. stevepb/Pixabay How do we measure this? Well, the fuel gauge for business, at least for me, is QuickBooks. I use QuickBooks to measure what’s going on in my business. When it comes to my websites, I use Google Analytics the same way I use QuickBooks. I can actually measure the website traffic generated by my content marketing. In this series of perfect marketing systems we’re talking about, there are three main things you need to be aware of, and we’ve already covered them. Go back and read or listen to the one on the perfect website, generating content.

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