Format a Pen Drive Using the Windows Command Prompt

A pen drive is a very handy storage device also known as a USB drive, USB flash drive, thumb drive, flash drive, flash drive, or USB memory. Today, flash drives offer as much capacity as 256GB. Formatting a pen drive using the Windows command Hong Kong Phone Number List prompt is the ideal method when normal methods fail to format. By the normal method, we refer to the format options available in the disk management system. Using the conventional approach, the sometimes cumbersome format may take longer or the process may stop midway, throwing a corresponding error. If you have encountered similar problems while formatting your pen drive using the normal method, then this article will help you solve your problem effectively.

Format Pen Drive Using Command Prompt

Let’s see how we can format a pen drive using the command prompt. Connect the pen drive to your computer and note the drive letter assigned to it. Also, give the format command on the command prompt, this drive letter will be requires. Press win keys together to invoke the run dialog. Type cmd in the Run box and press ok.  A black command prompt window will open. The command is shows in the illustration below: type format. Format your pen drive using the command prompt here: stands for quick format, parameter forces the selected volume to be dismounted is the letter of the drive you want to format. Substitute the letter to match your computer pen drive letter. The command prompt window will display the following message.

Alternatively, You Can Type the Following

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Now, the process will ask you to provide a name for the pen drive. You can type a name or just type the enter key. If you do not enter a name, the computer will give a random name to the pen drive. When you press the enter key, the computer will display information about formatting. The above command reformats the pen drive to use the fat32 file system and labels the drive my name. Replace g: with the actual drive letter of your pen drive. For more help with this command, at the command prompt and press enter windows vista, and all later versions of Windows support the above method of formatting. One of the easiest ways to format a pen drive, memory card, or flash drive using a command prompt in windows.

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