Free Alternate DNS to Improve Internet Speed

The domain name system (DNS) is a core part of the internet and provides a way to translate the domain name of a website or blog you try to access as a numeric internet protocol (IP) address. Everything connected to the internet – laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc.  In view of relies on DNS to accurately associate the domain Greece Phone Number List name with the corresponding IP address. However, every now and then everyone complains that our internet service provider (isp) assigns DNS. Some common DNS-related problems are: it’s slow. Using a good DNS server can improve your internet speed. This is blocking the website you want to visit. This is an invasion of our privacy. Do these complaints sound familiar? Well, in this case, now is the time to find an alternate DNS server. Alternative DNS servers that can help you:

Best DNS Server

Let’s check out the best free DNS servers available. If you want to switch DNS servers, you may want to change the DNS servers on your router, which will affect your entire home network. You can also change the DNS server on one computer, this will only affect the computer. You may need to flush the DNS cache after changing the server’s IP address. Important to realize that use your preferred public DNS server, configure the network settings with the corresponding IP address. Below is a list of the best DNS servers available for free everywhere. We also give them corresponding IP addresses. For a long time this minimal, but powerful DNS service has provided uninterrupted service and is, therefore, the favorite of most. It’s a free third-party DNS service that gives you a fast, uncensored web!.

Google Public DNS

Greece Phone Number List

Since is a third-party DNS service provided by the search engine giant Google. This service is fast, secure, and the largest public DNS service in the world. It uses anycast routing to find data to interact with the nearest server. Google public DNS is also resistant to DNS cache poisoning and dos (denial of service) attacks. OpenDNS is available in two models – personal and enterprise; both include those irresistible features. For example, the home edition comes with parental controls, phishing protection, and faster speeds. The business offers variation a comprehensive enterprise security solution. If you choose OpenDNS’s home-based protection, you can get it for free.

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