Freemium 2 Premium: Lessons on How to Upsell Your B2b Saas Product

You hover over the Croatia B2B List “Enter” button after filling in your email address for a free SaaS trial. “You know they’re probably going to blast you with emails,” Mindy Kaling’s Inside Out voice says in the back of your mind. In the past two months, I’ve managed to get Mindy out of my head by subscribing to over 100 B2B SaaS free plans and trials. But why? I signed up for some of the more recognizable tools (think Slack and Mailchimp) as well as some promising SaaS products to study and understand some of the best practices when creating a marketing automation strategy to transform free users into paying customers.

This Process, Called Upselling, Is Like Inbound

This process, called upselling, is like inbound marketing on steroids. Since technically those leads are already on your side. Using your technology. Their intent is clear and now it’s up to you to prove the. Croatia B2B List the Value of your product and ensure they get the most out of it. Unlike investing time and energy to attract new leads. Free users are already enjoying your tool, and hopefullycuriously though. While upselling freemium to premium packages may seem. Like fishing in your backyard, marketers at companies large and. Small are still struggling to figure out how best to approach this. Unique group. Users to enable them to purchase paid plans.

Through My Research, I Found Some Interesting

Croatia B2B List

Through my research, I found some interesting tactics that I wanted to share with you that I hope will help you step up your “Freemium 2 Premium” upsell strategy. Let’s start. Choose a plan (and be clear about it) Before we even get into the upsell automation sequences, an important word on choosing a freemium plan. Throughout my research, the most common free plans used by SaaS companies include “Free Forever,” 14-day trials, and 30-day trials. common free plans used by SaaS companies Free Forever proves to be the most popular across the board, which may be due to its ability to allow users to enjoy the product without feeling like they are losing their progress on the platform within weeks.

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