From the Beginning With Urls

To create content marketing strategies, it is helpful to understand user needs. Search intent and the stage of the funnel they are at to guide them through content to conversion. If you do SEO or Advertising or you are a manager of a business. Bringing traffic without carrying out these analyzes detaches us more and more from the concept of conversion . What good is SEO if it doesn’t bring in qualified traffic that can convert? would you be happy if you bring traffic but this does not convert? Content marketing serves precisely to accompany users towards the purchase with delicacy. Conversion-funnel But what does the funnel stage have to do with content marketing strategy? Knowing at what stage of the funnel is useful because you know that you have to answer certain questions that users ask themselves before converting.

Why Keyword Research Is Important

We are talking about content marketing. But the Sri-Lanka Phone Number User Experience is also indirectly influenced . In short, we all work together for Conversion rate Optimization. It therefore becomes essential to identify the needs of consumers. We remind you that users are not looking for goods, but looking for solutions to their problems , through the purchase of goods / services. The Keywords, in this case, represent the searches and topics that interest users. For this reason, the importance of keyword research is part of the solid foundation of web marketing. Why keyword research is important It is essential for SEO because the keywords represent the search queries we perform on Google are therefore the links between the SEs and our site.

The Types of Existing Queries

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It is important for content marketing to write quality content and SEO effectiveness It is important for Web analytics since with Google Analytics it is possible to measure the performance of a single keyword (especially in terms of conversion and therefore CTR) It is the basis of Pay Per Click The types of existing queries: Let’s start with the simplest classifications: keyword brand: all the keywords that contain the name of the brand inside such a no brand. All keywords associated with the business category without the brand name such as “underwear”, “knitwear” etc. Here is a more technical classification, but still useful for the analyzes that we will do later which is composed of: keyword: one or two words for example red shoes Phrase keyword : made up of more than two keywords, such as red shoes number 42 Long Tail keyword : made up of more than.

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