Genesis Framework Review and a Special Bonus

If you’ve noticed blogger tips tricks over the years.  You’ll notice that I give website design special importance. When I started growing my blog, what I saw was that despite epic content and tiring social media promotions, but wasn’t getting the attention it deserved. I realize that my website design is something my Croatia Phone Number List audience may not relate to. I’ve tried a lot of themes some are impressively feature-rich, and they make my blog take forever to load.  And others are sleek but lack features that will increase my traffic and give my content exposure. Finally, I switched to genesis and I could feel the growth. The theme is completely fast (even when I was using HostGator at once) and still has features like different layouts among other things.

What is the Genesis Framework?

Genesis framework or themes by studio press (copy blogger media products) are the undisputed kings in the premium WordPress theme section. They offer a range of features known as theirs, such as rock-solid security, clean-coded (hence, fast loading), and seo-optimized premium themes. The reason for their popularity is the support of numerous authoritative bloggers who trust them and their blogs. Sites like a quick sprout. Are powered by the Genesis framework under the hood. Genesis framework when I was in my initial stages, I also used themes to grow my traffic and put my blog in a first-hand position that supported my life.

Who Is the Genesis Framework Review?

Before we start, I want to make it clear that I recommend it. The genesis framework theme is only for those who want to take their blogging to the next level. If you are a hobby blogger or don’t care if your blog converts into sales or not, this is not for you. A good blog theme can boost its growth significantly. This is a perfect combination (along with resourceful articles) that has helped me expand my blog to the level it is today. The genesis framework and its sub-themes come in ready-to-use packages that you can use out of the box. If you’re a non-coder like me or who doesn’t want to invest time in these things (and focus on your business), then having a framework like a genesis doesn’t make sense.

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