Get More Social Media Traffic & Save More Than 20 Months

Are you spending too much time on social media marketing and sharing your blog posts and still getting negligible results? Are you looking for a social media strategy?. That will drive more targeted traffic and even save you time? Many of us Cambodia Phone Number List spend almost 2 hours a day (considering 30 minutes on each social platform, if you focus on 4 social media networks), thinking about likes, shares, retweets, and traffic returning to our site. This is almost equal to 60 hours per week. Isn’t this a huge waste of time? Also, most of the time your irrelevant website gets hits thus increasing the bounce rate. Lowering sales and advertising CPC.

Find Your Target Audience to Hang Out With

While many will debate why you should segment your audience when we can share it with you, I would say that separating your target audience from unnecessary crowds is a smart move. It’s not about serving everyone or getting in front of everyone, it’s about getting in front of the right people, who can give us traffic, sales, and leads, isn’t it? The next step will show you how to do this effectively. Next, you can open each article to read, then share your Cambodia Phone Number List them with the social network of your choice. Item types, date ranges, and even the like can be customized using the same fields in the left column. The paid version gives you more features, including export options, but the free version is enough to get you started.

Which Social Media Platforms to Share On?

Just like one size doesn’t fit all, one type of content is also different across social media platforms. As each social media platform has its own set of audiences. Their choices and interests vary profoundly too. Just imagine, you’d be posting big, female Pinterest-type posters on LinkedIn? This will literally scare and irritate your audience, right?. So, I recommend Cambodia Phone Number List creating different plans for different social media platforms. If you’re still confused, here’s the Coschedule, which says you should post brief instructions on various social media platforms. Now that you know what, what to share, and where to share, you can easily craft effective social media updates, either posting them or scheduling them later (I’ll talk about it later).

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