Google Analytics Takes A Hit

In this way, a photo is not larger than necessary in Albania Phone Number terms of KBs. Corporate videos on social media and web pages are indispensable for most organizations. But how indispensable exactly? Because you cannot draw up a business case with gut feelings or finger work, you will have to dive into Albania Phone Number the video statistics. But where most on social know their way around, many marketers overlook important data when it comes to website video statistics.

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Data Harvesting

A shame, because this often creates a Albania Phone Number distorted image and therefore missed opportunities. Videos are extremely valuable for communicating a brand story and informing and attracting customers. We know this because we can measure video performance. It is important that you get the right statistics. Measuring performance of social videos Measuring and analyzing video statistics Albania Phone Number on social media, such as YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn, is nothing new.

Everything Before The Word

While the platforms sometimes use Albania Phone Number different terms, you can keep track of similar stats. Think of reach, views, average viewing time, shares, likes and the number of reactions. Very useful to see to what extent your video and therefore your message are successful. And if, after looking, people Albania Phone Number often click through to your website, that is of course very nice. Reach is an important metric on social media, as it determines your ranking within the channel.


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