Google Gravity Tricks and Games

Google’s gravity trick has been around for several years.  Google gravity is a javascript program that will visualize in your web.  Browser as if google’s search page elements crashed. Less well-informed people find the sight shocking and it is. We’re all used to seeing Brazil Phone Number List changes in google’s homepage and search results (it’s also a crashing site!) that alert us. Although the original google gravity trick was created in 2009 on the way back; after googling heavier games have been programmed. Today we’re going to take a look at some really fun tricks like this. Still, it feels good to be back with a character-based computer interface with a black background and colored letters gone by the times

Original Google Gravity

The original version of the seriousness trick came in 2009. When Ricardo Cabello, a web designer, and developer, wrote. Dub has developed many other awesome javascript interactive features. View of google created such a trick in the coming year after the huge success of its gravity trick. Goog also hosts the google gravity recruitment page. Many of these tricks are screwing up google’s homepage in various ways. Let’s take a look at these tips. A more interesting gravity trick is google mirror. There are several other such tricks available online. Most of these tricks are actually javascript programs that modify the google homepage and/or search results just to amuse the user.

Google Underwater Gravity

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In the event that this variation of the original trick floats on the fishbowl google page element (or the ocean floor, whatever you want to call it). The trick is interaction click and drags with the mouse to create ripples in the water, sprinkle search boxes, search buttons, google logos, and other items. Ricardo Cabello created another cool trick. Like these various elements of google’s homepage float are in a zero-gravity environment or space. This trick is also interactive. You can drag any element and move it anywhere you want. Go on a rampage and throw all the elements around googling at your will. As its name suggests, this track displays a mirror image of google’s homepage. Everything from the logotype to the text, even the typing direction would be another way round.

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