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Geysendorpher Create a crisis communication Kenya Phone Number plan. How do you do that? Maureen Veurman Keyword research in 2021. Better stolen well than poorly conceived Junior of Diamonds Editor’s Picks. This made the editors extra happy We would also like to highlight a number of articles that made our editorial heart beat faster. Again, not in order of importance. UX Kenya Phone Number writing for government corona apps – An app that a broad group will use, without the users really wanting it.

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Find the right tone for that and write the right texts! Dave Kenya Phone Number de Geus gives a look behind the scenes. 5 arguments for not aiming for text at B1 level. You hear more and more about the guideline to write texts at B1 level. But what does that mean? Marlous ten Berge wrote a startling piece about it that generated an interesting discussion and made us look at B1 from a Kenya Phone Number different perspective. Government communication back to basics: let’s talk about our principles.

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There is a lot going wrong in the whole system of politics and Kenya Phone Number government – ​​communication cannot be corrected. So what can communication professionals do? Renata Verloop proposes that they should stop chasing after administrators and the organization and – with them – should stand much more firmly in front of the citizen. So back to basics. From Kenya Phone Number Black Friday to Fair Friday: luckily these brands do things differently – We now have a nice series with articles about Black Friday .


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