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For a child To work out the Kuai number of a child you would India Phone Number List need to follow the steps above unless you son or daughter was born after the year 2000. If your child was born in the 21st century then for a boy the Kua number is obtained by subtracting the two final numbers of their year of birth from 9 (unless he was born in 2009 in which case his Kua number is 9).

Golden Rules to Avoid Rejection

And for a girl adding the single digit number obtained from the final numbers of her birth year to the number 4. Once you have your Kua number you can identify the auspicious areas in your home. There are many auspicious areas in your home and they govern certain aspects of your life. When placing enhancements or cures in auspicious areas you should first identify which area of your life you are wanting to attract good fortune and abundance to.

India Phone Number List
India Phone Number List

1800 and 1300 Numbers

Below I have provided information on the most auspicious areas of your home dependent on each individual Kuai number. Auspicious areas can be beneficial for attracting wealth and success, love and romance. Health and longevity and personal fulfillment and wellbeing. If you are wanting to attract good fortune in all of these aspects then enhancements can be place in each.

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