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In this case, that is the place name that appears Germany Phone Number in the text. When filling in the columns, use the name below. Capital letters do not play an important role, so you can also capitalize the first letter of the word. target campaign: the campaign you want to apply it to target location: the location names location: the place names that will be shown in the ad text You can also give a different interpretation here at Location than just place names. Suppose you are a company that operates locally during Carnival. Then you can also Germany Phone Number enter the carnival names per place at Location. Den Bosch then becomes Oeteldonk. With the text and columns, you can give your own interpretation to the company for which you want to apply it.With ad customizers on location, the ad text is adapted to the location where the user is at that moment. For example, someone searching from Amsterdam will see a different ad text Germany Phone Number than someone searching from Enschede.

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The interpretation of the locations can be Germany Phone Number determined on the basis of the city, region, place or country. You can determine the content yourself based on your feed. In this article, I explain step by step how to add the locations. Who are ad customizers on location interesting for? Ad customizers on location are interesting for companies that offer services or Germany Phone Number products on location. Think of mechanics, window cleaners, local solar panels companies, and so on. Suppose you are looking for a company that can supply you with solar panels for your roof locally. If you search for ‘solar panels company’, the location adjuster will show you an advertisement with ‘Solar panels in Zutphen’. This ensures a high ad relevance. But this is not only interesting for local Germany Phone Number companies.

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Especially for companies that operate Germany Phone Number nationally. Suppose you operate nationally but want to appear as a company that is also active locally. Ad customizers on location ensure this local visibility. What are the benefits of ad customizers? Using ad customizers has a number of advantages: Your ads become personal and specific . The dynamic elements give you more relevant ad texts. Example: you have a company with different driving schools throughout the Netherlands. If someone is looking for a driving school in Amsterdam, you want them to see a different text than someone looking for in Den Bosch. With these Germany Phone Number dynamic modifiers you ensure that the ad becomes more relevant for the user. This ultimately leads to a higher CTR and ad relevance. And that in turn has a positive influence on the Quality Score. Scalability. Writing a specific advertisement per location is almost impossible.

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