Having a Target Group

At Customer Care, we basically focused on cross-sell and upsell from Toon and KetelComfort (boiler maintenance). Once this foundation was in place, we substantially further optimized the added value with the help of various innovations. Use existing Indonesia Phone Number innovations Eneco’s Customer Care environment is continuously working on improving services. The chat and voice bot, speech analytics and smart routing. With my team and our partners, we started looking at it from a value perspective. And so we started using these developments to contribute to maximizing value.

Also Able Colleagues

This way the knife cuts both ways. Two good example cases are the application of smart routing and Speech Analytics. 1. Example case: smart routing We route on workflows and thanks to customer recognition we have further exploited the routing options. In this way we want to further increase our service orientation. The routing techniques were initially combined in order to increase. The number of telephone calls that proceed via the ‘first time right’ principle. Customers who made frequent telephone contact during a certain period were put through to an experienced customer expert.


Within Our Client Organization

This results in a faster solution for the customer and a decrease in long-term customer cases. Smart routing to improve sales results We have expanded. In this way we are even better able to provide customers with a targeted and relevant offer, appropriate to their personal situation. An example of this is the Boiler Comfort service. Customers were able to discuss this with an experienced customer expert who knows this service well and can immediately share all information about it. This had a positive impact of 10% on the total number of sales achieved. This has significantly improved the cross- and upsell result.

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