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The rapid technological transformation has provided unprecedented new opportunities and breakthroughs. But the visitor himself has also sometimes changed completely, which in turn brings with it all kinds of challenges. 1. One size does not fit Denmark Phone Number all Earlier I wrote about the ‘ hybrid normal. The far-reaching fusion of physical and virtual events. I now see some organizations including a mix of both physical and virtual events in their event strategy. I work with parties that are really committed to virtual-first and organize a high-quality physical network event once a year.

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In a recent survey, 71% of organizations indicated that they keep. I also see much more of a shift here from what an organization wants itself, to mapping out the wishes of the visitor. Also, read The checklist for a successful online event Many visitors indicate that for most elements of regular events, they prefer to visit a virtual version than a physical version. Convenience, comfort but also certainly the fear around corona play a role in this. Recently I noticed that with a customer who wanted to organize a physical event for 200 employees, but when it turned out that only 2 employees wanted to come physically.


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You can no longer manage with only the promise of a drink and butterball afterward. 2. Meaningful experiences One of the major trends. To creating a cool total experience. This is also nicely reflected in the book The Experience Economy by Joseph Pine and James Gilmore (affiliate). To set yourself apart from your competition, you need. To stage experiences of memorable events that engage people in inherently personal ways. Due to the many technological possibilities that have become known in the past year, the public has also become a lot more demanding.

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