How 7 Brilliant Brands Are Telling Their Brand Story Through

Your brand story is not a particular type of content; it’s a common thread in every piece of content you create. From your ads to your sales collateral, to your annual report, if you use content to communicate, you’re telling your brand story. But the best storytelling doesn’t just inform; it uplifts, inspires and energizes both your brand and the people you’re trying to connect with. It may seem like a difficult task, but it really isn’t that complicated. Of course, some brands are pushing the envelope with innovative storytelling and next-gen technology. But there are plenty of effective brands that use simple, creative brand storytelling to enrich people’s lives. But what does it look like? 

Strong Brands Don’t Just Make Standalone Products

Strong brands don’t just make standalone products; they make products that are part of a way of life. For Bacardi, the world’s largest family-owned spirits company, their rum is part of Caribbean culture, which is why their clever storytelling focuses on celebrating that culture in a unique way: through music. Their 4-part documentary Thailand WhatsApp Number List series Sound of Rum is a deep dive into the roots of Caribbean music and the artists who brought it to the world. For Bacardi, it’s a unique and creative way to connect with culture while educating viewers about important cultural heritage.

For Years We’ve Heard That Vr Would

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For years we’ve heard that VR would be the new frontier of brand storytelling, but you’d assume it would be the tech brands that would jump on it. Not so. Ice cream maker Haagen-Dazs is embracing the medium in a genius way: to highlight an important cause for its brand. Some flavors of their ice cream, like Rocky Road and Strawberry, rely on thriving bee colonies. Unfortunately, these bees suffer from colony collapse syndrome, something that not only affects the natural world but also our human world. The brand has invested in research to address this issue.

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