How B2b Can Execute and Measure Influencer Marketing

We’ve all heard of influencer marketing. If you haven’t, you’re missing an opportunity to generate 11 times more ROI than traditional forms of digital marketing. But what does this mean for B2B and SaaS companies? When we hear the word “influencer,” we might think of someone with a large following on Instagram or YouTube. These Greece WhatsApp Number List can be relevant platforms for B2C businesses, but not so much with B2B and SaaS products. In fact, being an influencer does not necessarily mean having a lot of followers. In a world where people often ignore ads and instead turn to social media to help with their buying decisions, anyone can be an influencer. They just have to recommend a product to someone. Whether it’s a social media superstar, business owner, or average employee, it doesn’t matter.

We Have Already Covered the Difference

We have already covered the difference between macro and micro influencers. Specifically, how the latter can be easier to reach and provide you with more meaningful benefits, especially when you mix it with dark social.  It’s harder for B2B companies to take advantage of influencer marketing. Unlike B2C, most people don’t buy software just because a celebrity tells them to  – they need to see the value in what they’re buying. When targeting influencers, it’s important to make sure their interests and what they already share are related to what you’re selling. With SaaS products, you want people who actually see value in your software to recommend it, otherwise it just doesn’t seem authentic. The backbone of a successful influencer campaign is a relationship where both parties benefit.

A Few Ways Influencer Marketing Can Work

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A few ways influencer marketing can work for you Review websites are usually the first place B2B buyers will check to see if they want to purchase software. G2 Crowd and Capterra are good starting points for brands that want to focus on this. A positive review may come from someone who matches your influencer persona and since they already like your brand, it will be easier to contact them and convince them to vouch for you on other platforms. It should be remembered that other companies can also influence SaaS products. Blogging is a key marketing channel for many brands, so it’s a good idea to consider guest posting. This can work in two ways: you give influencers the opportunity to write posts on your blog, or you can write for other larger websites. Either way.

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