How Context Drives a Great Customer Experience

Organizations know how crucial the level of customer experience is in pursuing business goals. Gartner’s CX study released last May reports that 75% of organizations in its global survey have already formed a dedicated CX team. One in four of these CX teams report directly to the CEO of the company, which clearly indicates that CX is a priority concern requiring senior management. So now that we’ve all agreed that CX matters, maybe it’s time to ask: what kind of CX should we be aiming for? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. The best we can offer are qualifiers that define what the ideal CX would be, such as personalized, continuous, omnichannel, unique and enjoyable.

Most, if Not All, Companies Aspire to Deliver

Most, if not all, companies aspire to deliver a customer experience that can be described as such. The problem, however, is how . Here is an idea that can answer this question: the context. Context is vital for  Bahamas Phone number businesses because it’s key to delivering the personalized, continuous, omnichannel, unique, and engaging CX we want. It includes big data and historical data, allowing you to have a complete view of who your customers are and where they are in their customer journey. This is an important factor that should inform the employees’ response to any customer action or request. It’s easy to illustrate how context works. Imagine a cloud-based contact center.

With a Unified System, Calls Made to This

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With a unified system, calls made to this call. Center would automatically route to the most qualified. Agent based on contextual data. With cti integration like salesforce genesys. Reps can rest assured that call data. Is record to provide context for call distribution and handling. Thanks to these technologies, the cs representative chosen to receive. The call can obtain all the data on the customer before he even. Picks up the phone. Customer data will also be displayed during the call via. A pop-up window or similar module.

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