How does Wikipedia work

Homepage Articles Marketing How does Wikipedia work? How does Wikipedia work? Posted: 2021-09-02 Founded just three years after the incorporation of Google, Wikipedia is today the largest multilingual, web-based, free encyclopedia. In fact, it’s so resourceful that it’s surprising the site didn’t list a special tagline as “Google it” (I personally blame its unglamorous sounding name). Yet despite this, according to Alexa, Wikipedia now ranks as the fifth most visited site on the internet, behind Google, YouTube, Facebook and Baidu in that order. What is it about Wikipedia that so many people love and yet so few actually talk about? What is Wikipedia?

Launched by Jimmy Wales and Larry

Launched by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger in 2001, the site’s concept and technology base predates that. The year was the real launch point for the site, where it worked from the start. It defines itself as “a free encyclopedia, written collaboratively by the people who use it.” Today, Wikipedia is one of many “Wiki” sites owned and administered by the Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the arduous task of free knowledge for all. How Wikipedia Makes Money Yes, even nonprofits need to make money. The only difference is that nonprofits redirect their funds towards pursuing their mission, instead of distributing huge sums in dividends to shareholders and owners.

So as a Free Service That Doesn’t Even

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So, as a free service that doesn’t even run ads on their site, how does Wiki stay afloat? After all, there are significant costs in salaries, technologies and even web hosting! Web hosting alone costs Wikipedia over $2 million a year. The answer is simple: most funds are donations. In fiscal year 2017, the Wikimedia Foundation raised over $80 million in donations, more than 90% of its total revenue. Deduct its overhead such as salaries and other costs and the foundation still rakes in over US$20 million a year. It only takes 9 cents for the foundation to collect every dollar that comes in. In the words of Jimmy Wales himself, “The Wikimedia Foundation is incredibly profitable. Our annual budget is tiny compared to many very worthy causes, and our impact is absolutely enormous

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