How the Perception of Productivity Affects Our Commitment to Work

Weekends in my household are often spent time well spent with my wife and two young children, who enjoy everything from hide-and-seek and board games with crazy rules, to baseball and cycling. While I love these activities and the family memories they create, I also enjoy spending the weekend alone on personal projects around the house. I call these “ garages ,” projects usually done in the garage. Over the years, bicycles and sports equipment, toys and old ping-pong tables, tools and materials have invaded my workspace, forcing me each time to prepare a space to start. It’s an unmotivating and incredibly inefficient environment, but

I Know That Until I Dedicate the Time Necessary

I know that until I dedicate the time necessary. To organize the space needed to tackle many garagects in a single weekend. I will continue to lacking the motivation and resources to. Commit to even one item on the Singapore Phone number growing “to do” list. Over the years, I found myself able to fill a weekend. With a list of accomplishments and was very productive in the garage. When igaragect in just one sitting. I found myself fully engaged in the process and motivated by the accomplishments. Each completion would bring. Perception of productivity drives employee. Engagement in this way, I have something in common with the vast. Majority of employees who work in any role in all types of industries and organizations.

Maybe Not Just the Family Aspect or the Growing

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Maybe not just the family aspect or the growing list of projects in the garage. But the ongoing intrinsic need to be productive in order to feel truly engaged. In fact, research suggests that employee happiness and engagement at work are driven by perceived productivity – an employee’s sense of being able to effectively perform their tasks and role for the organization. effective and efficient manner. Coupled with the ability for an employee to see their contribution, the sense of productivity is powerful in establishing and maintaining high levels of engagement.

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