How to build an e-commerce data indicator system Saudi Arabia Mobile Number

I have been doing data analysis for nearly 6 years, and various business parties have also cooperated a lot. Most business parties give me a feeling that I have to look at all data indicators, the more the better, even if I look at these indicators, I can’t do anything.

The business side may be Saudi Arabia Mobile Number thinking, the more data indicators you see, the more you pay attention to data, and the more you are doing data-driven growth, I have no credit or hard work. There is a saying, “You can’t cover up strategic laziness with tactical diligence”, which describes this phenomenon very aptly.

Metrics for good data metrics

After working for two or three years, I have been thinking about what data indicators the business side should look at, and what kind of data indicators can really guide the business side to work and guide the business in the right direction, and slowly I have some answers in my heart .

However, it has not been able to be abstracted and summarized very well. It has always been a hazy feeling. I can understand what kind of indicators are good data Saudi Arabia Mobile Number indicators, but I can’t output and tell others how to judge whether the data indicators are good or bad.

Good data indicators are comparative

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Until I read the book “Lean Data Analysis” one day, I suddenly felt a sense of enlightenment. The author Alistair Kroll summarized his understanding of data indicators in a very abstract way. This is not exactly what I think. Do you have an understanding of data indicators? It seems to have opened up my two veins at once.

The various perceptions of data indicators in the past work corresponded to it at once, and each problem was empathetic. I can’t help feeling that the author is really awesome, and at the same time, I have some more insights Saudi Arabia Mobile Number in my heart. The timing of reading the book is really important. If I read this book a year or two earlier, it may be regarded as a reference book. It’s over, and after a while, you may not remember the contents at all. Reading requires empathy with the author.

One of the prerequisites for resonance is to “empathize with oneself”, that is, to have experienced similar things.

The following descriptions of data indicators are based on the description of data indicators in the book “Lean Data Analysis”, as well as personal opinions on the book’s methodology based on work experience.


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