How to Convert SIM Card to Nano SIM Card

Recently, I bought a moto smartphone z my Karbonn s5 which is becoming very outdated. The moto z uses a nano-sim while the sim card in my old phone is a regular full-size sim. So, I need to convert my sim into a nano sim. Although there are Iceland Phone Number List smaller knives available on the market that can easily cut larger sims into smaller ones, it’s also not that hard to craft at home. Diy is always fun! Most devices these days use a smaller sim card known as a nano-sim. It is in the sim standard fourth form factor 4ff and is smaller and thinner than micro-sim (3ff) and complimentary sim (2ff). The latter two types are often referres to as sim cards. I haven’t seen it, but I believe the original sim (1ff) matches the size of the credit card.

Convert Your Micro SIM to Nano SIM

For the conversion, you can use one of the many templates that will help.  You trim your micro sim to nano sim. For this pruning, you will need: to gather all these things, sit down and do the cutting. Here are the steps to do the fine-tuning:-google search and download the template that fits your device and print it 100% on a single a4 size paper. To save you time, we give the template below: in the image above, you will notice.

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Place your micro-sim securely in the micro-sim (3ff) outline nano-sim (4ff) template with the metal side up. Correct the edges of the tape and make sure you don’t tape the metal areas. Using a ruler, draw the above two horizontal and vertical lines and a single diagonal line to create the outline for your nano sim shown in the image above. Remove the sim card from the table and trim it so that the marked line is partially visible. It will help you get the perfect trim. Use a nail filter or sandpaper to lightly smooth on all five sides so that the marked lines are not visible. This part should be done patiently many times until it fits perfectly with the nano sim chuck.

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