How to Copy and Paste Animated Gif Images

Animated gif images are very useful when you want to display small animations on web pages. The internet is full of great gif images and many of them are even free animated gifs. You can download them and use them on the web. However, when you copy or save Armenia Phone Number List an animated gif, what you get is a still frame from the animated gif file. You need to know the right way to copy and paste animated gifs if you want to get them grabbed and used on websites. In today’s article, we’ll learn how to copy any animated gif to your computer, then paste it on your landing page animated gif.

Copy/save Animated Gif Images

There are many ways to save animated gifs. You can use any of these methods to achieve this: open windows explorer or file manager and navigate to the location. Where you saved the page. You will see that a folder is also created with the same name as the saved HTML page. You can paste the downloaded gif image into an ms word document, email, or webpage in the ms word.  Document, please choose to insert a picture to embed the gif image. However, ms word cannot display animated gifs. If you really want to embed animated gifs in ms word. Then you will have to go to the Word document and save it as a web page. When you will open this web document in a web browser (created by ms word), you will see the animated gif in action.

Copy the Animated Gif, and Paste It

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Go to the webpage that is displaying the animated gif you want. Take right-click on any empty space and select Paste. Instead, right-click, and you can also use CTRL + V to do the paste operation. Animation together, of course) Now the entire gif animation is saved on your computer. Not only will it eat into your packets, but it may also distract you from them.  What you’re trying to do in the And, as a result. You’ll also get the most annoying incline of installed apps: the error message of insufficient storage space available. You can insert it in a Word document, email, or web page whenever you want. We hope this article on how to copy and paste animated GIFs was useful to you.

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