How to Customize the Genesis Child Theme Without Touching?

If you’re a regular here at blogger tip stricks, I’ve been talking about themes via studio press. The reason why I love the theme studio press is their seo, very clean coding, and still lots of room for customization and branding. You can use the genesis theme out of the box. They are componentization, ad-ready, and fast loading. But if you want to add in your  Latvia Phone Number List  own look and branding you have to get your hands dirty with coding kid themes. If you’re a non-coder or coder with zero knowledge of something it can go worse. Presenting a simple task like editing the color of the header in the footer with custom text seems impossible to us. Of course, there are tons of tutorials online for custom-designed origins subtopics.

Customize Color Palettes for Your Form Factor Theme

Genesis design palette pro helps you design your blog’s branding to match the genesis theme. It’s just clicks and points. The plugin’s interface is slick, bringing the entire view to your theme along with zoom and zoom-out functionality. This can help you edit tiny details. It also has the option to check how your website looks on mobile and tablet screens. This is convenient because websites need to be mobile responsive these days. How do I customize the general display settings? The first option is where you can change the general display of your factor theme. You can customize the background color (different for mobile and desktop views), change the font and font size. If you want a different-colored link, you can change your link color in this section.

Customize the Navigation Menu

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Touch this option and you will feel like you are a professional designer. Here you’ll get control over the little tweaks that you’ve buried in your heart because you didn’t know how to code. To give your child the look and feel you want, you’ll need to customize the original standard origins template with your own color scale. If you want to edit the author bio and read more links, the origins design palette pro comes in handy. Just go to the content another tab of the plugin interface, the first option is how to edit your more link appears. Genesis design palette pro, you can change the color of the footer widget, fill, and text color. From click on the plugin interface footer widget option.

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