How to Find the Right Google Keywords for Your Business

Knowing what searchers are typing to find your product or service can seem like a no-brainer until you Google a suitable phrase and your business doesn’t show up in the results. Wait a minute. Which give? Why aren’t you showing up for these Google keywords? Your competitor is there, mocking you with bright blue text. So of course you belong there too. But there are hundreds, thousands of ways people can search for you. What is most important? How do you know what you should rank on? We have a five-step process to help you become your own keyword research tool! Step 1: Brainstorm It might seem a little overwhelming to start with, but don’t worry.

You Are Already on the Right Track

You are already on the right track by simply starting to Google the relevant search words that come to mind. Think about the intent of your searcher. What problem do people have that could be solved by buying your product or using your service? Make a list of those headaches and just write down the ways you think someone would look for a solution. Remember Portugal WhatsApp Number List that every buyer’s journey has three stages: awareness, consideration, and decision. Depending on what stage of the process a person is in (are they looking for resources, education, services, etc.), they will have unique requests for each. Explore these tips on selecting Google keywords for each stage of the buyer’s journey for more details on how to choose what belongs in each stage, but for now, consider your group’s biggest concerns. demographic as a whole.

Step Make Keyword Predictions Then

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Step Make Keyword Predictions Then turn to Google for more keyword suggestions. Type in one of the suggested search terms and scroll to the bottom of the search engine results page (SERP) to see “searches related to”. Do this for a few terms, each time, by copying the eight suggested searches and pasting them into your own document or spreadsheet. If you see your competitor somewhere, click on it and quickly hit the back button to return to the results page. First, it tells Google that your competitor’s link didn’t help answer your question. Really, this advantage is just an added bonus, because your main goal was to see what content Google had auto-generated below your competition’s SERP result.

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