How to Find the Right B2B Technology Writer

Research shows that 47% of B2B prospects read between three and five pieces of content before speaking to a sales rep. But many B2B marketing teams are small and don’t have the  Malaysia WhatsApp Number List resources to produce tons of copy in-house. Working with a B2B copywriter helps you create content that supports your campaigns, engage leads, and turn leads into customers. However, finding the right copywriter can be difficult. Many B2B marketers test several copywriters before finding the right one for them. In fact, many of my own clients have gone through two or more writers before they started working with me. Reasons for failure varied: the copywriter didn’t understand their industry, couldn’t meet deadlines, or had a confrontational communication style.

Choosing the Wrong Writer Can Increase

Choosing the Malaysia WhatsApp Number List wrong writer can increase your workload, lead to project delays, and cost you more in the long run. But the right copywriter can make your life easier, improve your marketing results, and help you produce more content, faster. Here are seven characteristics to look for in a B2B technology copywriter:1. Industry Knowledge Find a B2B Technical Writer Many writers are generalists, meaning they write about everything from consumer products to fitness. Agencies often hire generalists when they need a copywriter who can adapt their style to a range of clients. But a generalist might not be the best choice for B2B tech companies that sell complex products and services. If your product has a steep learning curve or a sophisticated audience.

In Particular, Find a Copywriter Who


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In particular, find a copywriter who understands the unique needs, concerns, and hesitations of B2B technology buyers. The B2B technology industry is constantly changing and at a rapid pace. You need a copywriter who not only knows the basics of the tech industry, but who also stays up to date with the latest news, trends, and studies that will affect your customer base. You need a copywriter who is not only familiar with the basics of the tech industry, but who also does this:Working with a writer who is experienced in your industry can dramatically reduce the time you spend briefing the writer and managing reviews. This helps your project run smoothly, allows you to produce content faster, and can bring you better results.

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