How to Get Off to a Good Start

I developed a model in the form of a staircase that Austria Phone Number List a customer has to climb. The figure depicts the phases that a customer goes through before becoming a fan of your brand. Big steps are difficult for the customer to handle. If you want to help the Austria Phone Number List customer get closer to your brand, the branding trap can be helpful. The branding trap provides insight into the customer journey. It shows what stage he or she is in. This gives you a better understanding of what kind of information is needed to help the customer further.

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But it is also a useful tool for explaining to others that it takes Austria Phone Number List patience to build a strong brand. Notice the difference Let me start with an anecdote. A few years ago I was allowed to lead a workshop with about fifty managers. They were quite skeptical Austria Phone Number List about investing in branding. I opened with a question: “How much would you be willing to pay for this product?” Comparison of two white T-shirts: Zeeman and Nike. On the screen I projected a picture of a simple white 100% cotton crew neck T-shirt; visibly picked from the website of textile super Zeeman.

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The answers ranged Austria Phone Number List from 4.95 to 8 euros. Then I projected next to it a picture of a T-shirt with identical technical specifications, only with a Nike logo on it. My question was the same. Not the answers. For the Nike shirt, they rose from 18 to even 25 euros. I let it settle in for a while. The public drew an important conclusion from its Austria Phone Number List own answers. Then I could start my story. Without having to explain further why a brand is important, but just about how you can build a brand. Also read: This is how you build a recognizable & valuable brand Brand building requires consistency When we strive for brand loyalty, the three-stage rocket: knowledge

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