How to Get Off to a Good Start

Keywords are the basis of SEO and SEM strategies, useful for the User Experience, fundamental for content marketing… but above all, keywords represent the bridge between business and web users . An analysis is necessary to understand which keyword to optimize to bring more traffic. Below you will find the list divided by topics. TOOLS FOR ANALYSIS OF THE RESEARCH VOLUME OF KEY WORDS SEO BOOK . Brings together the volume of searches from Google. Bing and Yahoo in a single tool. Connect trending Google and bring out related keywords even better than Google. Keyword analysis ADWORDS KEYWORD PLANNER :perhaps the most used tool ever, it allows you to view terms, search volumes, related terms, competition (i.e. how many people are bidding on that keyword) and the average cpc.

Why Is It Important to Do Keyword Analysis?

This is the starting point. But it is Slovenia Phone Number always a monopoly keyword analysis YANDEX KEYWORD STATS. The equivalent of google keyword planner but for russia. TOOLS FOR ANALYSIS OF RELATED KEYWORDS and LONG TAIL UBERSUGGEST : excellent as it manages to come up with your keyword with all combinations of words. keyword + a that is the keyword + all words starting with a. Take the list and import it into adwords to check the search volumes and your keyword research will begin to be complete. keyword analysis WORDSTREAM : good tool to search for related keywords, the free version is a bit reductive but the results are amazing. keyword analysis WORDSTREAM NICHE FINDER : divides the keyword into categories and shows you the related keywords for that topic. keyword analysis WORDHIPPO :allows you to find related keywords.

How Is a Keyword Analysis Done?

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When things get faster and easier then the tool works! keyword analysis KEYWORDTOOL : aggregate adwords and ubersuggest in one tool. GOOGLE CORRELATE : the google tool that finds the related key words, to keep in mind but it is not the best. keyword analysis KEYWORD DISCOVERY : another tool for keyword research. Surely there are better ones, but comparing them all allows you to have a broader and more complete vision possible. SEO CHAT :excellent tool for finding long tail keywords up to 3 construction levels (i.e. search terms consisting of several words). keyword analysis SEORCH : great for findinglong tail keywords, questions with the keyword inside (!!) and snippets. Phenomenal. keyword analysis MIXED TOOLS: keyword difficulty, trends, ranking, ads, keyword density, keyword opposition, meta-characters GOOGLE TREND

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