How to Launch a Mobile App Successfully Checklist

Accelerate your user acquisition efforts With a user acquisition strategy, there is no one way. Making sure to try different things, get creative, and continually refine your user strategy is crucial. Try to get as many downloads as possible in the first week after launch. The faster your app gets downloads, the higher it will rank in the App Store results. Encourage referrals from friends and family Word of mouth is the most effective user acquisition tactic. Link to your app (everywhere) In your email signature, app social bios, on your homepage, etc. You can even take it a step further and add a project to your LinkedIn Page.

Depending on your target demographic

Depending on your target demographic, you should also. Consider other platforms like instagram and twitter. Although not as wide a reach but still effective. Especially for millennials. Facebook’s advertising platform lets you target. Your desired audience based on their interests, location, and more. If you’re targeting your audience through  Austria WhatsApp Number List social media ads. You have to remember that people have shorter attention spans. So your ads should convey the purpose of the ad in seconds. If you provide a solution that your users are looking for. Google search ads can also be a good option. Pro tip: facebook ads can also help you retarget people who. Have downloaded your other apps or visited your website For more information.

Apptentive details it. Engage with customers

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Apptentive details it. Engage with customers who have been acquired Establish a two-way dialogue. Community building through social platforms is essential. Be sure to post in groups, forums, and discussion boards. If your app fixes a problem, look to answer questions about that problem on Quora. Pro tip: To get the most out of Quora, make sure you provide value in everything you post. Tell a story or give an example with your answer and people will be more likely to read your full answer and check out your app. More aggressive pitch for interviews, videos and podcasts Aim for brand mentions to acquire backlinks. You want to constantly focus on SEO. Back-linking is the best way to get your app seen as it increases search engine visibility and promotes brand awarenes.

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