How to Optimize Product Pages for Conversions

Are your product pages not converting at the rate you want? The purpose of a product page is to provide enough information to guide the visitor to a buying decision. For this to happen, the page copy, the images used, and the user experience must tell a cohesive story that appeals to the potential buyer.There are many opinions today about chatbots when it comes to customer service. Some say they are taking jobs. Others think they will fail because customers prefer to talk with people. And some claim there are customer segments that outright hate them. The reality is that they are here to stay and their use is expected to increase. Concerns about chatbots are not new.

Change Always Brings Concern and Debate

Change always brings concern and debate. The automotive assembly line pioneered by Ford Motor Company (inspired by the bakeries, canneries and other businesses that used them at the time) celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2013. Like any innovation, it brought both benefits and challenges . As we have seen over time, the assembly line that started Singapore WhatsApp Number List with human workers has been supplemented by robots and other automations that do the mundane work. Likewise, chatbots are just another form of task automation; here, that job is to solve a customer’s problem. It’s hard to believe they’ve been around for over 50 years.

In Terms of Real-world Usefulness, However

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In terms of real-world usefulness, however, they’re still in their infancy. Just like the assembly line, they will continue to evolve and improve. When you consider how they make a difference to customer service, there are three key ways that even the most rudimentary chatbots improve customer service experiences. Bridging the Research Gap Twenty years ago, I worked at a company that invested in knowledge management to replace an aging fax system. Knowledge management promised a better way to manage information for internal and external consumption and to link problems to solutions.

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