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Left after uninstalling a plugin as i mentioned, most of the time you will not . Need to do anything. After uninstalling a wordpress plugin, the application will remove it completely. But to be totally sure that all the files have been deleted and there are no wordpress plugin residue . We will see step by step how to do it. Access your ftp from your ftp client you will be able to check if there are . Any leftover files that have “survived” the deletion of the plugin in order to eliminate them. You will have to access by ftp and enter the /wp-content folder.

There are tons of backup, slider or gallery plugins . That create and store files directly in this folder. Before you start deleting, make a full backup and save it to your computer. Then, you can now delete all the files that do not interest you. Clean your wordpress database tables note . That there are plugins that create their own tables in your wordpress database. If those tables are too big. The size of the backups will increase (slowing down the process more and requiring more space). The import for a migration will be more complicated and any task on the whole database . Will take a lot of time and the risk that failure occurs and the database is corrupted is greater.

To Avoid These Problems

You can clean these tables using Ivory Coast Phone Number phpmyadmin. The steps are the following: 1. Access your control panel. 2. Go to the database section and click on the phpmyadmin option. 3. Choose your database and select the tables you are interested in deleting. WordPress dashboard_. A warning will appear, and you will have to confirm that you want to delete the tables. Be very careful, because this action is irreversible . Unless you have a complete backup. WordPress dashboard_4 you must be very careful not to accidentally delete something.

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Again, don’t forget to make a full backup before deleting anything. How to disable a plugin when you don’t have access to wordpress some plugins give problems . And you may come across a case where you are not able to access your wordpress admin area to disable or remove it. In these cases, you have two options: disable the plugin via ftp or disable it from phpmyadmin. Here are the steps for each of these options: deactivate a plugin via ftp. Deactivate a plugin via phpmyadmin. Let’s take a closer look at both options. Deactivate a plugin via ftp access via ftp and access the /wp-content /plugins folder.

Look In The Plugins Folder

For the problematic plugin and rename it. Access your wordpress admin area. Which should now be working, and uninstall the problematic plugin. Deactivate a plugin via phpmyadmin . Login to your cpanel and click on phpmyadmin. When you have access to the database. Look for the wp_options table. Inside this table, find the active_plugins row. In this row, remove the reference . To the plugin that is giving you trouble and change the number of active plugins to subtract the one you removed.

Here is an example where we have disabled the wp super cache plugin. WordPress dashboard_5 identify the reference to the plugin you are about to delete. Active plugin control . Panel remove the reference to the plugin and subtract a number at the top. Once this is done, save the changes and access the wordpress admin panel. Which should now work, to uninstall the problematic plugin. Do you already know how to properly uninstall a wordpress plugin?

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