How to Split Video Using Vlc Media Player

A friend of mine had a large video file about 2 hours long, and he wanted to upload the ten-minute-long section on youtube from it. He asked me if there was an easy way to extract part of a video from a large file. I told him there were many ways, but since he asked for the easy, I told him it was probably the easiest! We all know vlc is a great Algeria Phone Number List media player and many people have it on their computer. My friend also has a vlc media player already installed on his laptop. So, why not split the video with the vlc media player? In today’s tutorial, I will show you how to extract one or more parts from a video using vlc. Let’s jump right in and learn something new to use our beloved vlc!

Split Video with Vlc Media Player

Make sure to have a directory name given in this box. You can choose any directory. This directory will store and we will split the video from the original video file. Email clients allow users to read, write, send, and do other functions such as deleting emails in email categories. Therefore, in order to minimize the use of the Internet connection, emails are downloaded on the local computer for offline reading and deleted from the server. Advance the video to the starting point from the video you want to split. Pause the video at the starting point. Go to the View menu and select Advanced Controls. A play button appears near a new set of controls.

Advantages of Split Video Vlc

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The most important advantage is convenience. Most likely you will already have a vlc media player installed on your computer. Therefore, you won’t need to install new software just to split your videos. At the same time, the steps to take are very simple anyone can easily follow the directions above. The same instructions apply to audio files as well. So, you can also split audio files using vlc. The output quality of the video part will be exactly the same as the original video. You won’t lose anything in the quality of your account. If you are looking for very finely cut videos (eg, with millisecond precision), then you should go to google and look for software designed for splitting videos.

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