How to Use Influencers to Launch Your Brand

You’ve spent months planning your new business, and now it’s time to think about creating a marketing plan for your launch. For a small start-up, marketing budgets are often Vietnam WhatsApp Number List tight and there is no room for large advertising campaigns. There’s also no opportunity to work with a celebrity to endorse your product and convince the public to buy. So without a big ad campaign, celebrity endorsements, and lots of money to spend on digital ads, how can you still have a big impact and successfully launch your new brand? Have you considered social media influencers? Influencer marketing is a topic that’s growing in popularity, primarily because it’s an effective way for marketers to spread a brand’s message without relying on more traditional advertising methods.

In Case You Didn’t Know, an Influencer

In case you didn’t know. An influencer is someone large enough to have the power to influence. And influence buying decisions or lifestyle habits. In other words, they’re individuals with enough social media. Followers to make their opinion count for something. And if they’re championing a particular brand. Their followers are likely to  Vietnam WhatsApp Number List followed by buying from the same. Many brands have found that by partnering with. Influencers and allowing them to spread their brand message. They are able to tap into an already engaged and loyal audience. With some pretty impressive results. Influencers are notorious for tricking brands into selling completely. Out of stock, just with a positive instagram post.

There Is a Common Misconception

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There is a common misconception that influencers primarily live on social media channels, therefore influencer marketing is for businesses targeting younger audiences, or especially B2C lifestyle brands. However, the statistics tell a different story. For example, when working with a micro-influencer with 3,000 loyal followers, it can be as simple as offering a free product in exchange for a positive, honest testimonial. Whereas a top influencer with millions of followers can charge upwards of £15,000 for a single Instagram post.

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