Terms to Use When Talking About Google Analytics

It works to analyze different aspects of the operation of a website based on its design and usability that. Are integrated with other google tools such as google ad words and ad sense . Google analytics is an analysis and statistics system that provides information for free through google.

Analytics is also one of the most used tools in the world of marketing , since its understanding and efficiency on the web will make your company or business improve in all aspects of searches, visits, administration and personalization of your brand. .

To be able to talk about the

Most used words or a Japan Phone Number complete glossary of the tool, we must start by understanding the tool and for that, we prepare a clear and concise meaning.

Google analytics is not only designed to measure the conversions and sales of your brand. It also offers extensive information on how visitors arrive at a site. How to hook them and generate more visits in the short, medium and long term.

Rather google analytics is based on a

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Tool that generates powerful concise and truthful reports so that. The user can decide what data they want to see and customize.

Our page or website is opened in a given time. These visits are the highlight of the tool since you can combine. The interest of visits to your website with other important metrics. An example is that this tool allows you to analyze the number of visits to your traffic source and compare their progress.

It is worth clarifying that if a user stays on your site for more than 30 minutes without generating any interaction during. This period of time and minutes later. He returns to the activity within your site google analytics takes this as a new visit that is after 30 minutes. It is counted as two visits as long as the user continues to interact with your site.


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