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In the photo you see an image of the Arnhem Grisette, with two ‘real’ UAE Phone Number List Arnhem buildings in the background: the town hall and the Eusebius Church. Example of a social media post from a municipality. This insight also resulted in a quick win for the three municipalities. Especially because they don’t post many people on social media yet. Understandable, given the finesse it takes to be a good inhaker . And the political-administrative sensitivity within which municipal communication professionals do their work. Yet it is a missed opportunity.

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Test with different social media content for municipalities. Interestingly UAE Phone Number List enough, it turned out that the three participating municipalities mainly use an informative narrative style. Therefore the first quick win is : Do you want commitment? Make social media content less informative and more entertaining. Concrete tips for entertaining writing are: Use a narrative style that (ideally) evokes emotion. “They’ll be gone in a minute, with your stuff!” Process the information not only ‘sending’, but also ‘ asking ‘ ‘, aimed at the resident. “Do you go out in the winter months?

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Use humor where possible . Use emoji and icons. Avoid factual UAE Phone Number List neutral messages that have a roll-up structure. 2. Hackers have more reach An inhaker is a form of real-time marketing in which your content connects to a current event. This allows the UAE Phone Number List organization to become part of an (online) conversation that is already taking place, or sometimes even create (extra) buzz . Posts that contain a hooker often have more reach than posts without a hooker. This was apparent from both the analysis of recently posted content and the best-practice analysis. Inhakers can therefore have a positive effect not only for commercial organizations,

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