Image Optimization 101 Optimizing Blog Post Images for SEO

Recommended download: a list of 5 free design tools (non-designer) for instantly creating amazing blog post images. ( click here to download ). Are you an affiliate marketer? Are you a blogger? Or, simply put, is your work connected to the internet? If the answer is yes, then surely Egypt Phone Number List you will know the importance of search engine optimization. We know that without proper seo, both on-page and off-page. You won’t get your articles on the front page of google. However, there are also bloggers who think they can make sure their articles are fully optimized for search engines.  But the images they use in their articles are nowhere near as optimized as they should be.

Why Do You Need Optimized Images?

There are many reasons for optimizing images. The images you use in your articles improve your seo score, make your articles search engine friendly.  And it also plays a huge role in the page load speed of your blog. Benefits of image optimization: the same photo-sharing site Pinterest can drive a lot of traffic. Photos are showing up in search engines because competition is much less in the picture area and you can easily get your image to rank higher with proper optimization. Increase your blog’s bounce rate and increase your article’s seo score. If you create a custom image, then you can also use your image in some other bloggers in their articles, giving you a source/credit link to get backlinks.

Find the Right Image for Your Blog

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Instead, you can use various websites that offer stock images for free. You can use these sites to find images that perfectly fit your article content. There are sites like freedigitalphotos, morguefile, pixabay, etc. That offer free photos and sites like Shutterstock where you can get high-quality and professional images for a few bucks. You can use free sites or paid sites to find the right images for your articles, but never use google images to get them. It would be even better if you could generate custom images for your blog. That way no one will bother you and you will own all the rights to the images because you created them yourself and all rights are reserved.

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