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There are different variants of this model UAE Phone Number from Kotler, but in my college education I learned the variant with 3 levels: 1. Core product What are the intangible benefits of the trampoline? You can move, lose weight, relax, live longer, live more pain-free, de-stress, live longer… That already increases the value a lot. What am I saying? You are now not buying a piece of nylon and steel, but you are buying healthy life years and UAE Phone Number healthy offspring. 2. Tangible product Your product can simply be better, bigger and more durable than your competitors. It should also be clear that a brand can also boost value. We don’t have to explain to you that we spend quite a lot of money on brand names. If people love your brand – that is, your face, content, appearance and fame – they will give you their business. 3. Comprehensive UAE Phone Number Product (The True Magic) Okay, so far so good.

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Your competitors can also get started in UAE Phone Number terms of core product and tangible product by writing nice web texts and increasing the quality of their products. But then? Then you have the Extended Product – and this is where it gets really fun. With this you increase the value of your product by not changing anything about the product itself, but the total offer. At a certain point there is not much you can do about a product. A trampoline is UAE Phone Number simply a trampoline. There is a limit to how much you can improve on that. Also read: Earn money with your idea? 10 tips for start-ups Below I give you plenty of inspiration to use your UAE Phone Number Extended Product, in other words an irresistible offer. Do not sell a product. Sell ​​an offer. -Russell Brunson’s Inspiration to make your offer irresistible (extended product) Use the list below to boost the value of your offer so that you can sell your trampoline for 997 while all your competitors continue to compete for that 29.

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The key is to stack. Make the stack of the total UAE Phone Number supply as large as possible. The magic words for this are: “This is exactly what you are going to get.” Thinking about what to put in your supply pile is an essential question: What additional questions and challenges might your customers face once they take the trampoline off? Now you can come up with all kinds of handy solutions that increase the value of your offer.The corona crisis. It plays a role in almost everything we do today. Likewise in marketing. Marketing budgets are UAE Phone Number being scaled back by many companies because they are not allowed or unable to sell their products or services. Yet the current situation offers more opportunities than you think. Right now you have to get started with advertising on social media. Why? I’ll explain that to you in this article. Is the crisis leading to better results in campaigns? As an agency, we work for many different industries, some UAE Phone Number hit harder by the coronavirus than others.

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