Improve the Customer Experience How It Work

It is increasingly necessary to improve the customer experience, which is why we are betting on developments that allow us to personalize the site on shopping behavior algorithms that provide customers with suggestions of products according to their tastes. At Fnac, we work to create a unique customer (online and offline) who benefits from the advantages. We offer them in both channels and devote a significant part of our efforts to achieving this objective.

25% of our customers are already omnichannel and are responsible for 50% of our online sales. The conversion rate of the omnichannel buyer is 20% higher than that of a traditional buyer. Whether the How It Work customer comes to Fnac through the doors of our physical stores or our online storefront, we want them to have a good experience. Mobile devices are the essential support: the user has all the necessary information and is the main generator of support for traffic to stores (Drive to store). Since the holiday shopping season and the Black Friday campaigns.

Traffic on Fnaces and Mobile Sales How It Work

Traffic on and mobile sales have , and the data has been growing ever since. In 2016, 17% of mobile orders were on, in 2017 this figure to 28%, and for 2018 the trend suggests that it will reach 31%.Q: What business strategy is the company implementing to deal How It Work with competitors like Amazon?A.:The arrival of big competitors like Amazon did not surprise us; we have the experience and a network of 33 physical establishments in strategic geographic locations. And, as I said, over the past few years we have been working to create a single customer (online and offline). Who enjoys the benefits we offer in both channels and spends. A large part of our efforts to achieve this. goal. In 2013, we. The Marketplace format offers greater diversity and a number of products to our customers.

How it Work

Thanks to the Map We Have Managed How It Work

Thanks to the map we have to have a catalog. Our portal and our physical stores of more than 4 million products.Both in the traditional fnac categories music, cinema, books, and in new How It Work types (major appliances. Child care, sports, etc.). And, above all, we strive to reinforce our unique personalities. Everything that defines us as a brand.

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