In today’s era, many people use Instagram accounts

In today’s era, many people use Instagram accounts not only for social media but also for profit. This can be done because Instagram can be used as a business field.


However, there are certain conditions that you must meet to benefit from doing business through Instagram. The condition is that you must have a large number of followers . The more followers you have, the greater the chance that your business will be in demand. Right?

You can do many ways to get Instagram followers . One of the easiest ways is to buy followers . But you have to spend money to do it that way.

Now you must be wondering, then how do you add natural Instagram followers without spending money?

Here we describe 5 tips to increase natural Instagram followers .

1. Actively comment on other accounts
To increase your Instagram followers , try to actively comment on posts uploaded by other Instagram accounts, especially the account of an influencer or account that already has many followers . Comment with positive sentences to create a good image for your account. If your comments are good, it is likely that many other Instagram users will like them and then become curious about your Instagram account profile. If your profile and feeds are interesting too, surely people will not hesitate to start following your account.

2. Use hashtags when posting
Hashtags or hashtags have an important role to make it easier for other users to find content with the theme they want. Therefore, when you post a photo, try to put a related hashtag or hashtag in the caption column . This way, many other account users will see your posts.

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3. Write an interesting caption

To add Instagram followers , you have to write an interesting caption and attract the attention of netizens in every photo you post. You can make a caption that contains humor or words of wisdom. If your caption is interesting, automatically other account users who like the caption will not hesitate to start following your Instagram .

4. Add location in post
In addition to hashtags and captions , you also need to add a location to each Instagram post. The purpose of adding a location is so that other Instagram account users can easily find your posts. It is possible, your Instagram followers will naturally increase in this way.

5. Neatly organize instagram feeds
The last tip to add natural Instagram followers is to arrange your Instagram feeds as neatly as possible. Suppose you usually post photos with the concept of blue, then be consistent to post photos that contain elements of that color. This is very important because aesthetics are very necessary if you want other user accounts to glance at your Instagram account.

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