Instagram is one of the social media that has

Instagram is one of the social media that has complete features. One feature that is quite popular with a wide audience is Instagram Live. If you are a business person who relies on Instagram to get consumers, you can use this feature effectively.


With the Instagram live feature, you can attract new potential customers while increasing public awareness of the products you offer. In addition, you can use this feature directly without worrying about the photo or video editing process. So don’t be surprised if today many business people choose to sell live on Instagram.

It’s just that, not a few business people are still confused about how to use the Instagram live feature effectively. This is of course very unfortunate, especially when considering how beneficial this feature is for increasing business.

Well, for this reason, here we will present effective tips for using Instagram live for sales, so that later you can sell live on Instagram and attract many consumers.

1. Make Instagram Live Notifications via Instagram Stories

Before you broadcast Instagram live, you are required to tell your followers about the day, date, and time you will broadcast. In fact, you can also inform about what products you want to promote on the live broadcast. You can do this notification via Instagram story posts. That way, your followers can be interested and anticipate the broadcast that you will do.

2. Choose the right time
The success indicator for Instagram live can be measured by the number of viewers watching. Therefore, you must be able to predict when the time is right so that your broadcast is watched by many people. The way you can do this is to check the insights and then look at the audience column . After that, you pay attention to what day and time your content is seen by other people. In this way, you can estimate the appropriate and appropriate time to make live sales on Instagram.

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3. Create engaging live content
When selling live on Instagram, you should try to make it as attractive as possible. You can insert funny pictures when you are talking or invite other people to talk to you to increase the attention of potential customers. In addition, you can also insert interesting promos or giveaways when selling live.

4. Pay attention to the situation, location and lighting
Don’t underestimate the situation, location, and lighting when you do live instagram broadcasts. Do Instagram live in situations and locations that make you feel comfortable promoting products without distractions such as noise. In addition, choose a location that has good lighting. That way, potential customers can see the products you offer clearly.

Those are effective tips for using Instagram live for sales. If you want to learn more about the world of digital marketing, don’t hesitate to join Campus Digital. Here you will get the best service to increase your

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