Interview With Fuencisla Clemares General Manager Services Price

We need to be more agile and efficient in breaking down physical and psychological barriers for shared success. Indeed, the new digital society demands new business leads. Q: What characteristics or values ​​do you think a great leader should have?A: I believe that one of the main Services Price functions of a great leader is to foster a new form of management based on autonomy and collaboration. What I mean by autonomy is that when creating a work environment. It should be so open that anyone can raise their hand and tell the boss he or she is wrong.

The manager should be the person who sets the goals and designs the strategy aligned with them. The current state of business of the company, and promotes the necessary actions. At the same Services Price time, they must empower employees to further accelerate business processes. A great leader is one who wants to be around the best and provide them with the right training and clear goals.

When It Comes to Collaboration Services Price

When it comes to collaboration, is an attitude that a great leader must promote to ensure the collective success of the company. As opposed to the individual goals of each department or collaborator. For this reason, it is necessary to create objectives that promote this Service Price cooperation and, at the same time, learn to measure it. A great leader must also communicate clearly and directly, as well as honestly. In addition to knowing how to interpret new resources, such as Smart Data, new technologies, innovation, etc.

But if something distinguishes a great leader, it is that he must always be the coach of his team and Rosa Garcia: How is Rosa García’s daily life? How do you find a balance between your professional and personal life?

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This Will Allow Us to Get More Services Price

This will allow us to get more involved in the projects. In Germany, most offices end their working day at 6 p.m. and their productivity rates speak for themselves. At Siemens Spain, we also stop our Services Price working day at 6 p.m., and we are implementing measures to facilitate the Q: It is always said that the present and the future of a company are its employees. What values ​​in supporting this talent do you convey at Siemens?

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