Interviewing 10 companies, I summed up these three types of interview questions

Interviewing 10 companies, I summed up these three types of interview questions. In addition, I think Ant Insurance is not only an online sales channel for traditional insurance, but also more It should be the enabler of the insurance industry, through the Internet technology capabilities and user advantages, to popularize insurance awareness, let more people know about insurance, understand insurance, and finally buy insurance that suits them. Finally, it is about the position. I learned that this position is mainly about users, and it involves new retention and conversion of users. I am more interested in this area, and I have also had experience in this area in previous projects. Therefore, I prefer to come to Ant Insurance.

Tips: From the perspective of company/business/position, the main idea is that the company attracts you, the business prospects are good, and the skills are matched. Check the information in advance and provide the business time or industry data of the interview to add points.

Generally, after these two types of questions are asked, the last type of question is entered.

Candidate Questions: Do you have anything to ask me?

Comments: Ask the business interviewer more about the position or business situation, just 1-2.


Can you briefly describe the project?

What kind of work will this position be responsible for?

What is the current goal of this project?

Is there a plan for the profit model?

What are the main ways to obtain users of the project at this stage?

What do you think is the product moat?

The above are the common problems encountered by the 10 companies Malaysia Phone Number I interviewed, and they may have some reference value.

About other interview experience sharing:

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1. Find a few suitable companies for an interview first, find out the gaps and fill the gaps, and put the company you want to go to later.

2. The content of the resume is as real as possible, familiar with the content of the resume, so that every detail can be answered freely.

3. Don’t be nervous, it’s normal to encounter pressure/unanswerable questions, it’s easy to hang up if you’re nervous and unconfident.

4. A company can look at a few more positions. Maybe A department thinks your resume is not good or suitable, but B department thinks it is very good.

5. Be logical when answering questions, 1234 or first second last can help you sound logical.

In the end, I think the interview is a matter of luck. In addition to experience, appearance, aura, hobbies, and eyesight are all key factors. I hope that everyone will maintain confidence in the process of looking for a job, and the offer will definitely be waiting for you at the end!

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