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You don’t have to figure everything Jamaica Phone Number out from the start because you can make changes along the way. When my wife and I opened the store in 2007, we changed our target market and Jamaica Phone Number product positioning several times before focusing on the wedding market. I launched my online store course without any content, which forced Jamaica Phone Number me to determine the course on the fly. In my limited entrepreneurial experience, I’ve come to believe that any action is better than no action.

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Sometimes it’s better to shut down Jamaica Phone Number your brain completely 🙂 Business is unpredictable, and the only way to know the outcome is to make a small, planned bet. “The trick is in emphasizing what. We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The Jamaica Phone Number workload is the same.” jump Bad things always happen in business. In fact, just last week, several of our employees bailed us due to various circumstances beyond our control. For my blog, it really annoys me that someone in Russia decides to Jamaica Phone Number send me all the email forms with a fake email address.

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When s$%! occurs, you have 2 Jamaica Phone Number options. You can focus on the bad and make yourself miserable, or you can actively seek solutions to your problems and improve your situation. Both consume the same amount of energy. Controlling your emotions takes a lot of Jamaica Phone Number practice, and I’m still not the best at it. But it’s important to get out of the bad and keep your head in the game. Living your life and running your business will have its ups and downs. You just have to take it easy. “Life is like a camera. Focus on the Jamaica Phone Number important things, capture the good times

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