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This is how Azerion arrives on the market  a platform Albania Phone Number whose objective is to improve engagement levels and get content creators. Digital publishers and advertisers to reach millions of consumers around the world. And to learn more about how this Albania Phone Number section works within the universe of gaming. From we have contacted Dominique Loumaye, Managing Director Azerion Spain so that he can tell us more about. The advantages Albania Phone Number of his company and the opportunities they have generated.

Signal Has Already Started A Process

After the acquisition of Sublime. azerion spain 1. What is Azerion and how does it work? Azerion is a global media and entertainment Albania Phone Number platform. We have more than 16,000 games and we reach more than 425 million users per month. With unprecedented levels of engagement. Furthermore, our technology enables more than 300,000 advertisers to reach their audiences effectively and profitably. Since its birth, the group has not stopped growing, with 9 Albania Phone Number acquisitions in the last year alone.

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To Find A New Long-term Ceo For The Company

Azerion arrived in Spain in 2020, through the consolidation of several acquisitions such as AdUX, (owner of Quantum, l’Agora, AdPulse, HiMedia), Improve Albania Phone Number Digital and Zoomin. In September of this year, we also acquired Sublime, the company specializing in High Impact formats, which is being integrated into our platform. 2. In the Adtech sector, what challenges and ambitions does Azerion have?

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