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And this has happened. After the justices overturned Roe v. Wade, Americans have less, not more, religious freedom. If anything, it is the freedom of the conservative Christian Church to “interfere with the religious freedom of others”. In a society with religious freedom, everyone can live according to their own religion, which means that no one else can force you to live according to his religion, and the government will ensure that everyone has this freedom. But conservative churches have always been reluctant to abide by this rule. They are not satisfied that only their members do not marry the same sex, but want everyone to do so. They are not satisfied that only their members do not use contraception and stop pregnancy,

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If the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision this time protects any religious freedom, “religious freedom” here can only mean the freedom for “a particular church to interfere in the lives of others.” In fact, this inappropriate Kenya Phone Number List intervention has also caused religious conflicts. A Jewish rabbi sued the Florida government . The rabbi said that Judaism supports the termination of pregnancy when the health of pregnant women is at risk. Therefore, Florida prohibits the termination of pregnancy and violates Judaism. freedom of religion. Will “separation of church and state” make atheism the “state religion”? Some people believe that the above-mentioned “religious freedom” may seem neutral, but it is actually an atheist approach: when the government cannot govern to exclude a particular religion, nor can it govern according to.

The teachings of a particular religion,

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Then the government is not a religion without faith Atheistic government. Actually not. When European countries established Christianity as the state religion, those who did not believe in God would be executed as infidels. If they were dealt with in the same way, the “atheist government. Would use its public power to prohibit citizens from engaging in religious activities. The current religious freedom is different from the above practices. It requires the government not to treat people of faith in this way, and to allow citizens to freely choose their beliefs. Thinking in the other direction, in fact, to promote the separation of church and state in a country, there is no need for atheists to participate.

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