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Digital can do many things for us during a period of “boredom” and “fear”.  Where we are invited to stay at home. Here is all the beauty of the internet the reason why it made us so passionate. The democratization of knowledge, the removal of physical barriers and more. TEACH ONLINE the lessons may not stop. Schools such as trainers can use the largest school digitalization service offered by google with; google classroom. The digital classroom where you can exchange notes texts homework etc. google hangout. Getting students to create sites on projects studied together find all these tools of the G suite for educator .

Replace in-person Visits With Video Calls

Citizens can access the reading of an e-book of their choice Nepal Phone Number from the Mondadori catalog. PLAY SPORTS ONLINE it takes a little more will and perseverance but it is possible. below we point out some sites that we recommend the yoga monkey: yoga video lessons strong: zumba courses lumowell : home gym FIND OUT ONLINE We strongly advise you not to inform yourself on social networks and to follow the official channels to avoid unjustified panic crises. social media leave them only for memes official gazette : where you can find the laws the site of the ministry of health where you can find all the safe and reliable info WATCH MOVIES ONLINE.

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Offers a wide range of movies. Here is an interesting playlist REPLACE IN-PERSON VISITS WITH VIDEO CALLS staying at home does not mean living in solitude. You can use different tools to get in touch with our friends or family. WhatsApp at the top right gives you the possibility to make a video call and add up to 4 people. Google hangout allows you to create events via google calendar by sending links to friends (as many as you want). And connect to the usual virtual room skype. Widely known is like Google hang out but must be downloaded to PC. OTHER SERVICES MADE AVAILABLE BY THE STATE AND PARTICIPATING COMPANIES Companies and associations have made and will make available free services. Discover the innovative services and solutions you can access thanks to the digital solidarity initiative of the Minister for Technological Innovation and

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