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Our hosting terms article; It aims to Hosting Terms  facilitate the work of those who are doing research to buy hosting or to improve their website and to shorten the decision stages.

As you know, technological innovations and the COVID-19 pandemic were the most important factors supporting the trend of more businesses shifting their processes online. All these developments, which have led to movements in the web hosting industry, also create the need to search for hosting terms that are unfamiliar to most people.

Unlimited Hosting

The words “unlimited” or “unlimited”, which are often Hosting Terms Hosting Terms  used in the marketing of web hosting services, are a good Cambodia Phone Number description for hosting packages that offer “large” server resources at a fixed price. However, in reality, it is practically impossible for a resource to be unlimited. As long as you consider the special conditions of unlimited hosting plans, we can say that it would be appropriate to choose this type of hosting packages because it is not easy to predict how an increase in your traffic will affect the resources allocated to your site.

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Uptime Rate

Uptime is the time the server hosting your website is up and running. A hosting company’s promise of 99% uptime; It has 1% downtime and means that Hosting Terms  the firm’s servers may be unavailable for about 3 and a half days in a year. You can see the table about the daily, weekly, monthly and annual downtime of the Uptime rates. What is Uptime? How to Calculate Uptime Rate? You can find it in our article.

It is normal for even very large tech giants to experience some downtime due to scheduled maintenance, security threats, hardware or software problems, natural disasters, severe power outages, DNS or CMS issues. That’s why 100% uptime is legendary. For example, the 14-hour interruption of the social media giant Facebook caused it to lose 90 million dollars, which if the industry giants can experience such a dilemma, everyone can.

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