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In the first place, user Experience analysis is useful for companies as. It is capable of identifying user navigation problems and finding statistically correct solutions. Solution implementations increase important metrics like Conversion Rate. Average Receipt and more. In the event that, the User Experience today represents the qualitative leap that websites. Can have and in my humble opinion it is the real field of optimization. WHAT A USER EXPERIENCE ANALYSIS CONSISTS OF First you need to have clear in mind all the steps necessary to carry out the analysis. In the first instance, the analysis is divided into two: problem analysis implementation and control of experiments (solutions) 1. ANALYSIS OF THE PROBLEMS: User Usability and Experience Onpage analytics : These are analytics that you and your analytics tools can do just fine.

User Experience Analysis Is Useful

At the present time, landing page analysis : First of all you Uruguay Phone Number need to identify problematic landing pages. You can use metrics like Bounce Rate , Page Value, Goal Value, Time on page and Exit Rate. Analysis is easier than you think, finding the place of the problem in this way. Here you just need Google Analytics and the like. user experience heat map. at the present time, using heat maps you can analyze the impressions and clicks that focus on the page you are analyzing, the mouse over and the page depth.

Do they click the footer? notice the element you want to see? you can use Google Analytics in the Inpage Analysis report or crazyegg and clicktale . user experience information architecture and naming : this type of analysis is very important for ecommerce. The first step is the analysis of the taxonomy of the products in relation to the keyword analysis. Basically what you have to do is verify the interest in the products and in the product categories.

Information Architecture and Naming

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Understand what terms are used by users to identify those objects. You will be surprise by how your expectations are so different from reality (the world is beautiful because it is not varied ;?). To find out how to do a really effective keyword analysis click here (this is perhaps the best teaching that the master in Market Motive left me ) Navigation flow analysis : you need to identify the main conversion paths.

Are you sure that Home – section – category – subcategory is yours? Is it possible that section pages are useless? all questions you need to ask yourself. What you have to do in this case is first analyze each page individually with metrics such as sessions, conversion rate and average receipt in order to analyze the propensity to buy each entry. Then you need to create advanced segments with conditions: saw page x and page y. Use whatever combinations you can think of to understand how users behave.

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