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Fortunately, there are other avenues that lead to your Guatemala Phone Number target audiences. It was so beautiful: Google, Apple and Microsoft provided us with accurate visitor data via third-party cookies. Which site and which web pages does someone visit? Those small cookie files store this valuable surfing behaviour. However, they are going to stop doing that – and we will notice Guatemala Phone Number that in marketing land. Adjusting your marketing strategy requires a flexible and creative way of looking at and building target groups.

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New round, new opportunities! What about those Guatemala Phone Number cookies again? First-party cookies collect data on your own website. With this data you can make your own website smarter or better. This way your site can remember whether they have Guatemala Phone Number previously visited your website and, for example, users log in automatically. If an external party places cookies on your website.

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They are third-party cookies. These cookies collect Guatemala Phone Number data on your website, but use it for another website or platform. For example, think of the Facebook pixel or remarketing pixel on your website and the audiences you target based on browsing Guatemala Phone Number behavior. End of the third-party cookie era For us marketers, third-party cookies are an absolute godsend. But media parties may have gone a bit too far in collecting data from users.

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