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Home-made products almost always involve Japan Phone Number something that comes from the kitchen of a café or restaurant or from an (industrial) bakery: a product ‘from the house’. If you make something yourself, it is homemade or homemade, or handmade in the case of non-edible things. Homemade is modeled after the Japan Phone Number example of homemade or hausgemacht. Conclusion: there is nothing wrong with the word homemade , but the meaning is deceptive. Industry The tourism industry is having a hard time.

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You might faintly notice that there are Japan Phone Number apparently factories where tourists roll off the assembly line. But industry is quite widely accept as a synonym of branch , sector or essence . Conclusion: feel free to use industry , but also alternate. Calendar. A calendar hangs on the wall; think of a birthday calendar or a tear-off calendar. Events can also figuratively be ‘on the calendar’ (well, not right now), but you put your appointments in your agenda, whether on paper or digitally.

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(Fun fact: agenda literally means ‘things that Japan Phone Number have to be do.) Conclusion: don’t translate calendar blindly with calendar ; agenda is often meant. 9. Low in calories When you hear or read in an advertisement that something is low in calories, that sounds like low in calories . And it is indeed literally translat into English. That crooked phrase is a trick of the food industry.


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